Body Shaming (Slam Poetry)


Her mind screamed there was more to her

The world screamed she was Fat

The soft heart succumbed and the head sighed

The workout sessions were tough and food limited

She was never the happy girl again


An inch or two of fat around the belly

The thighs were larger than life

The shape never normal

What happens when you are not normal and there is normalcy around

What happens when you are not what they want you to be

You are trying harder and harder to get there but all in vain

When the hours at gym don’t match the expected

When the present does not match the expected

Those anxiety bolts and attacks

She should know more



She was described by the way she looked

Not for her actions

A gold medal hung from the neck

A winner, in a world that didn’t care

So long as she wasn’t lovely and fair

So, those eyes still looked down

The *UGLY DUCKLING* that she was

All her medals combined would never make up for it.



Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

The real beauty was in the soul

She was a rather nice girl, pure in her ways

Little did the passers-by know that

Little did they realize how immensely gifted she was

In small little ways, that probably

Didn’t matter

Well, matter to them.

She was full of life, full of love- uncorrupted

She was more beautiful than the world let her realize.



The need of approval went away

The need to stay a certain way ended

She embraced herself with open arms

She was whole in her being

All she did was call a simple truce with herself and the world

Shravani Vyakarnam for MTTN

Rahul Basu

Me? Well, I’m a pretty basic person, I guess. I like nature. I like it when it’s quiet. I like the rain. I like food. I’m always confused, but quite okay most of the time.
I’m a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, metalhead,jazz-man,computer geek, cricketer, bookworm, gamer and a hater of seafood.
I also write from time to time.

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