Easy Maggi Recipes to Try Out

Maggi, is a food from paradise, an emotion, and a saviour for all the hostelites who have to deal with the mess food. Maggi is the ultimate comfort food be it on a rainy day, a day before exams, or in the middle of the night. It is the go-to food in every situation; from game-night parties at 2 am to mini-movie screenings in a cosy hostel room, Maggi is the perfect accompaniment in all settings. 

Placing Maggi in the kettle and seeing vapour getting thrown out of the vapour hole, staring at the bubbles arising from the bottom and waiting for it to get served is cathartic. All of us have experimented with our culinary skills in the hostel by making Maggi in a kettle. Some easy recipes to elevate the humble noodles are-

Buttery Cheesy Maggi— Boil water in the kettle, add the cakes of noodles. Add the tastemaker once the noodles soften. Add a dollop of butter and a slice of cheese to elevate the Maggi.

Maggi Sandwich– Boil water in the kettle and add cakes of noodles. Add Maggi tastemaker once the noodles soften. Cook until the Maggi turns a bit dry. Take a slice of bread, spread butter, cheese, mayo and pasta sauce.  Place the Maggi on the bread and make a sandwich. Bite for deliciousness!

Vegetable Maggi— Add a little butter to the kettle and sauté fresh veggies like carrot, beans, corn or peas. Add water to the veggies and cook until it softens. Add the cakes of noodles and taste maker. Cook and serve hot.

Egg drop Maggi soup– Boil water in the kettle. Add cakes of noodles. Add tastemaker and an extra cup of water to make it soupy. Turn off the kettle and let it simmer for some time. Meanwhile, whisk eggs in a bowl with cornstarch and add a few tablespoons of water. Switch on the kettle and drizzle the egg mixture on the soupy Maggi. Let the eggs cook and serve hot.

Peri Peri Maggi– Boil water in the kettle, add the cakes of noodles. Add the taste maker once the noodles soften. Sprinkle Peri Peri spice mix over the noodles. Dig in!

Egg Maggi– Whisk eggs with pepper and salt in a bowl. Add butter in the kettle and add the eggs. Cook them and add water. Add noodles to the kettle with Maggi tastemaker and cook. Your dish is ready!

 White Sauce Maggi– Boil the noodles in the kettle and strain the noodles once they soften. In the kettle, add butter and all purpose flour. Pour milk while continuously stirring for a minute. Whisk the mixture with Maggi taste maker, oregano and chilli flakes. Add the noodles into the sauce and cook for some time. Garnish with fresh cheese. Simple, quick, gourmet Maggi, at your service.

Manchow Maggi– Boil water in the kettle and add Knorr Manchow soup mix. Add noodles and cook till the noodles soften. Add taste maker. Cook and serve hot.

Milk Maggi– Take a kettle, add water to it and boil well. Add milk after a few minutes. Put 2 Maggi cakes inside, boil well, but do not over cook. When it is half cooked, add salt, oregano  and red chilli flakes. Before serving, add the Maggi masala on top. Serve hot.

Maggi isn’t just any instant-noodles brand but an emotion which resonates with every hostelite. From sharing a bowl of noodles with loved ones to dealing with a heartbreak, Maggi has been a constant source of comfort.

So what are you waiting for? Throw on your apron and get cooking! A piping hot bowl of ambrosial goodness is waiting for you on the other side. While nothing can quite beat the classic Masala Maggi, nonetheless, these simple recipes each add a unique zing to “Meri Maggi”. 

Written by Aricia Bahl for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Photos by Akanksha for MTTN 

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