A Future in Flames

You were cruel.

You were cold.

You were distant.

You were like me.


You were kind.

You were warm.

You were attentive.

You were like me.


The stars will go extinct

before I forget about you.

The first one to see who I was,

And the first to admire me despite it.


A cluster of precious memories,

untainted by the realities of adulthood.

The purest form of love,

The simplest form of hate.


Our sarcasm was a silent alliance,

to never hurt one another.

And yet, as we brazenly,

revealed our most damaged parts

to the realization that we might never truly love each other.


I guess I should’ve spent my days better,

than to ceaselessly wonder.

If admitting that I cared,

would be a fact or a threat to you.


Your glances were rare,

but they made my day.

Your compliments were limited,

but they made my week.

Our conversations were sparse,

but they made my month,

You were volatile,

but you made my year.


A part of me wishes;

I could’ve watched you grow up.

To mature into the person.

You are today.


I fear some things

are better left a cold, distant memory.

Rather than a bright future;

that’s caught up in flames.



Written by Harshita Khanna for MTTN

Edited by Aarthika Srinivasan for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Daniel F. Gerhartz 

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