A Letter To Hermione

Dear Hermione,

Today you turn 41 years old. The world sees you as the Minister of Magic. But to me, you are not a day older than 11, and to me, you will always be the one who taught me that it’s LeviOsa, not LeviosAR.

I was introduced to you when I was ten years old. I looked up to you and told all my intrusive relatives that I wanted to be Her-me-own Granger (thank you for clarifying the pronunciation a few years later) when I grew up. 

You were why the trio is ‘golden’. You were the reason Harry was still called ‘The Boy who Lived.’ You were the reason Harry and Ron remained friends beyond their 4th year at Hogwarts. How silly of them to fight over The Triwizard Tournament!

You taught me that being intelligent is not a weakness, but rather a strength. You were Muggle-born and treated an outcast. You were labelled ‘Mudblood,’ but you showed them all that you were above them because you were youthe brightest witch of her age, fiercely confident, who stood up for what she believed in.

When you started S.P.E.W, I mocked you along with Harry and Ron. When you knitted hats for the elves to set them free, I thought you had lost it. But when Sirius told me that the best way to judge someone would be to look at how they treat their inferiors, I saw S.P.E.W in a whole new light and was ashamed that I ever judged you for it.

I was scared for you when you were attacked by a troll. When you were petrified by Slytherin’s heir, I was hellbent on catching them; and laughed when you were disappointed by the cancellation of exams. I was amazed by your ability to attend three classes at the same time in your third year. I was furious at Ron for thinking you had got Scabbers killed, and mad at Harry for siding with him and leaving you by yourself. I giggled with you when Krum took you to the ball and rescued you from the lake (it was stupid of Ron to be jealous of you). In your fifth year, when you had the idea of Dumbledore’s Army, I stood with you to fight against Umbridge. I cringed with you at Slughorn’s Christmas party when Cormac McLaggen wouldn’t leave you alone. The last time I met you, we fought at the Battle of Hogwarts. We grew up so fast, didn’t we?

You taught me to stay humble, fight my bullies with my fist, read like there is no tomorrow, treat everyone with respect, irrespective of whether they are a 60-foot giant or a tiny, bony elf, and to break down the walls put up by society.

Hermione, you have never failed to teach me that there can always be a better version of oneself. When you first came into my life, you were a bossy little know-it-all. When we bid adieu, you were 18 and still a bossy little know-it-all. This is what I respect the most about you. Despite everything, you did not change, but you grew.

As Minister, I am sure you accomplished everything that your 15-year-old self strived for. I hope elves are given wages, and that they are represented in the Ministry. I hope Giants aren’t discriminated against. I hope pure-bloods, half-bloods, half-breed, and Muggle-borns are all treated equally. I hope Ron has an emotional range larger than that of a teaspoon, and I hope Rose and Hugo realise what an amazing woman their mother is.

With Love,
A girl with particularly large front teeth

Written by Lekhya Reddy for MTTN
Edited by Rushil Dalal for MTTN
Featured Image by Akshay Dhansoia for MTTN


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