Adieu-Day Thirteen of NaPoWriMo


I feel someone gently tugging at the end of my blanket

And it stirs memories

Stirs memories I tried so hard to bury.

The beautiful laughter that still rings through the hallways of my head,

Of a wickedly lively voice

Now echoing in dead.

Your warm touch,

That once left my spine tingling and tummy fluttering

As you traced a finger down my face and gently drew circles across my cheek

It was the Valentine week

And I’d bidden adieu to the ghosts of my past

Erased the old cast of black roses and broken hearts

And I, who didn’t believe in sidekicks

Embraced you, the whole of you.

It was all too good to be true,

I felt like I’d stepped into Cinderella’s shoe,

Only to realise that the magic was never meant to last

As good things disappear too fast.

Soon enough,

Your emotions shattered our window panes

The sunshine went on a long holiday and darkness came in stormy rains.

We slowly bid adieu to our coffee dates and pillow fights,

And 2 am calls and stargazing nights.

Between the endless arguments over emotions and paradoxes

We failed to understand,

That it didn’t help to constantly put each other’s actions,

On reprimand.

Shaken by your never-ending silence by the promises we thought we made,

I realised they were meant to be broken anyway

As you clung on to the rope that bridged either side,

You were forced to decide,

Between me, and her.

Nobody, neither you nor I

Knew how bad things were,

Until you finally decided to bid adieu

To everything that bridged us.

You let go of that rope,

Of possibilities and emotions and false hopes

And somewhere I failed to understand

That it didn’t help to constantly put each other’s actions,

On reprimand.

Amongst the broken wine glasses and dented walls

hands with scars and eyes swollen, from the excessive saline content,

You held onto her, looked her in the eye

And told her it was me, that you despised.

You bid adieu to the very thought of us,

And I couldn’t let go of the bottled up pain

So I put up a good show.

But as the gentle breeze blows across my face,

Someone then shuffles closer and tugs at my blanket again

I look into his eyes and instantly,

See something I’ve never seen before.

The most beautiful eyes

Whose eyelashes synchronise with the sea’s roar.

He reaches out

To gently tuck my messy hair behind an ear and plant a kiss on my trembling lips on a cold autumn morning

My tummy flutters and everything’s colourfully blurry

So when he gently draws hearts across my cheek,

I finally bid adieu to the thought of your
memories that shatter me,

I bid adieu to the gentle circles we kept going around in,

I bid adieu to the ghosts of my past and embrace my present.

With no false promises and no lies,

A soul I can despise.

And now when his grey eyes smile at my almond browns,

Instantly erasing the frowns that occupied my face,

He pulls out a red rose from under the pillow,

I gasp.

“Coffee?”, asks he,

And my stupid face breaks into a grin

Adieu to you, I whisper, as I burn down every evidence of our broken past.

I’ve found a new cast,

I’m the protagonist looking for happiness amongst goodbyes and broken wine glasses,

Only this time, there happens to be a sidekick.

Written by: Maanasa Manikandan 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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