An Ode to Your Comfort Zone by Yours Truly—Day Twenty Five NaPoWriMo 2022

Your reading list? Long

Your watch-list? Longer

What is it about me?

That a new book or show makes you rigour

I thought I am your favourite

With every scene and page, I thought you were savouring it


I used to look at you

And cherish how you sought comfort in me

I used to look at you

And wonder if any other mortal could love me like you

Little did I know

You were rowing a broken canoe


I read you as you read me for the hundredth time

I watched you as you watched me, well aware of the ending each time

You seek comfort in me

Because you know how the chapters would end

You seek comfort in me

Because you know how fragile you are to dents


You are tender, you are scared

You are broken; you are ensnared

But that should not halt you from picking up a new book

Neither should it cage you in one cranny and nook

Always know, you are much stronger than you look


Call me your escape of comfort

Or consider me your save from exploring new endings

You cannot forever shield yourself from the events impending

This is your comfort book, signing off

I will be right here whenever you need me

But for now, embark on a new journey and set off


Written by Aarushi Verma for MTTN

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