Blasphemy- Day Twenty Five of NaPoWriMo 2021

Out of all, there is to say
the word against books
of the holy script and see
is considered an act of blasphemy
an act of betrayal
against life and redemption.

For what else is a greater sin
the rejection of moral value and scriptures
is the price of one’s mortality
pricing each gram of your living flesh and your value at rapture.

Don’t question the hegemony they said
for perfection and manna is what you seek
words forced down your throat
words that a hundred times repeat.

Like the lambs of the pasture that stayed silent
each decision made fearing insolence
insightful of each other’s action
unaware of the butcher’s hand, the final blow before ashes.

Taught to follow
whatever you thought was what’s preached
who cares about subjectivity
when the doctrine is all the introspection you believe.

Big words, books, and institutions aside
let’s talk about one’s pride
in the book of our lives
why do we rationalize genocide like it’s alright.

Which pedestal do you stand on
when Gucci flip flops overtake oxygen cylinders
or when you’re indifferent to materialistic obsessions
but you act different to ones that look unfamiliar.

Transgressions are forever made against humanity
yet the greatest is the pages of a book burning
the moral ground you look from remains high
the eyes you see through, one dimensional and blind.

With all there is to say
what is really blasphemous?
my word against a priest
or the lies you believe so you can sleep at night.


Written by Robin Cherian for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Shashank Tomer for MTTN

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