Broken — Day Eight of NaPoWriMo 2021

The zephyr rushes past my face softly.

Tears cascade down my eyes

While my mind drowns in reminiscence of you,

Thinking about us, only to realise how love eventually dies.

And in a single stroke, my canvas was monochrome,

Deprived of every single hue.


You, my love, were the muse to my poetry and words.

How was it so easy for you to walk away?

Cutting off the strings that tied us; I watched you go

Until your entity turned into a haunting shadow.

“You need to break before you shine.”

But my splintered pieces still refuse to believe

That I can no longer call you mine.


You left me like a broken sentence,

Waiting to be completed

You left my heart like a ruptured glass,

Which once used to be painted.

“Broken but beautiful,”  they say.

But who would love my pieces, anyway?


I listen to “our” songs,

Knowing that the lyrics would only ooze my cuts.

On nights when I cannot sleep,

I gawk into the darkness in dejection.

Replaying your words in my head,

I relive while trying to forget

Our memories locked in my collection.


I dreamt of building a home with you,

But you deserted me like an abandoned house.

Our harlequin chapter would plummet in pale yellow; who knew?

The lines on my hand that you once held so tight,

Remind me of my broken heart with cracks: shrieking yet quiet.

It is not easy to erase a dream, which I so fervently drew.


You fell out of love, and I ended up getting hurt.

I will wait till October for flowers to bloom in

Open cracks of my barren desert.


Maybe not forever, but the loneliness will continue to

Reside in my broken heart,

And someday, I will turn these broken sentences into art.


Written by Aarushi Verma for MTTN

Edited by Naintara Singh for MTTN

Featured Image by Akshaya Ramesh for MTTN

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