Cast Away

Jaana hai mujhe

Dur kahi iss jahan se

Jaha mile sirf bachpan ki yaadein

Aur woh khilkhilati hasi.

My road is long and winding

Yet the call of the wild

Pierces my ear

Deafening my senses to everything

But the serenade of Wanderlust.


Kyun na hum uth chale

Uss train compartment ki godi mein

Jis se juda hai

Woh har pal

Jo dus saal pehle guzra hua tha,

Jab zindagi mein thi nahi koi chinta

Na koi dooriyan.


In the crimson hues of the forest

There was the sound of music

Of a dark tunnel passing by.

In the darkness, a child held on

To the edges of his mother’s sari.

Phire chai

Oi shob muhurto gulo

Jokhon Dida porto Thakurma Jhuli

Aar baba daak dito

Shei travelogue likhte

Chai oi train e uthe chole jete

Door duronto’r shimana chariye.

I want all those moments back

When my grandmom used to read out bedtime stories

When Dad called out

Asking his son to complete his travelogue

I want to ride that train

And travel to distant lands,

Far away from any horizon.


There’s joy to be found in every memory

That locks itself in a treasure box of foreverness.

And sadness in every memory

That gets lost in the treasure box of foreverness.

As the smoke of the engine

Rises through the horizons of everlastingness

There is gloom cast in memories

The sound of the iron monster

Deafening those thoughts

Which but serve a mirror

Of the times gone by.

Phir bhi yaar,


Kahi Chal ussi purane se woh train compartment mein.

Written by Reetobaan Datta, this is an experimental poem using a trilingual medium instead of one or the other. Part of the poem is written in Bengali and for the convenience of the reader, it has been translated into English in the following stanza. 

Keep writing to us with more of your poetry.

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