Celebration- Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo


Four months ago,
All tickets were booked
All news was spread
Summer was near

A grand party was decided:
Family and friends—all invited
Elegant dresses and crisp tuxes
Would’ve been—the show highlight.

Pleasant music and imported desserts,
With a glass of wine and plastered smiles
A toast to victory—
the victory of surviving eighteen.

All was planned
But none in action.
Today, a thousand miles from home,
In my apartment, I lie,
Staring into outer space.

Tickets cancelled
Friends and fam
All stuck at hostel or home
(My birthday!
I wish I was happier)

Colourful streamers on the walls
(That’s all I could do)
Skype call incoming
Mom, dad and sister
Scream with glee

Party hats and pyjama pants
Sixteen people: now on call
A cake in front of them
A cake in front of me
Messiest room with the happiest me

Chocolates and food
With loud music
And rhythmless dance
Cheers to us
Cheers to all with us!
Celebrations never end
When the soul thriving
For a party is still alive!

—Written by Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN

—Artwork by Shraddha Jathan

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