A Goodbye


“Distance gives us a reason to love harder”


As the train comes to a stop

i feel my breath hitch

heart burning in anticipation

of seeing you again


the world comes into focus

as my arms snake their way around your body

an embrace

i’ve been dreaming of for months


cold nights on rooftops

your hand in mine the only warmth

as we breathe in nostalgia

of days long gone


long walks down familiar streets

reliving memories with each step

flashbacks to good times

when time seemed infinite


we make the most of our days

pretend they aren’t numbered

ignore the ticking clock –

the sound of an inevitable goodbye


as i watch you leave

i close my eyes

to see your face in my mind

for just one more second


and when they open,

my heart rests easy

for i know

when i return,

you’ll be right here waiting.


Nidhi Rao for MTTN

Photographer: Anmol Rathi

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