Cosmic— Day Thirteen of NaPoWriMo

Your hair, darker at the ends, trudges down your shoulders,

Like the cosmic runway that leads to the crepuscular.


The eyes that set deep into your face, glimmering with stardust,

Within them, I see dreams that don’t fade or rust.


The shade that adorns your pout,

Is the hue that paints the sky as the Sun sets over the clouds.


The askew tan, which like burrs, clings to your skin,

Is enriched by the sun like a blessing.


The Universe loved you enough to paint a picture of itself in each of your cells,

And yet with each breath, you belittle yourself.


You think you’re made of nothing but flesh and bones,

Falsities; for I know your heart is woven from the brightest stars that shone.


You are the cosmos and the cosmic,

You are the embers borne to the electrifying starburst,

You have a galaxy within you, a galaxy of infinite possibilities.


You think you need the Sun, the Moon and the stars to shine,

Little do you know, your being in itself is divine.



~Written by Radhika Taneja for MTTN

~Featured image by Vidhisha Deo for MTTN

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