Daybreak – Day Seventeen of NaPoWriMo


Quiet chirps float in the air,
treetop to window sill,
Bruised mountain peaks swathed in soft
tufts of clouds stretching along
as far as the eye can see
make for a picturesque scene
set in the middle of a modern hub,
Until daybreak does not nudge
the hazy lingerings of the night aside.

The sun awakens slowly,
reluctantly requisitioning its sleep,
tendrils of light break through the haze,
and the mountains blush pink,
coloring in the presence of an old friend.
The birds flutter faster and faster, mimicking busy cars on the road.

The din of the houses and engines roar
louder than the chirping,
As the hub begins its day,
Nature settles in, to wait
for its reign between dusk and dawn.


– Poem by Kriti Gopal 

– Artwork by Ritika Dwarak 

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