Dear Celestial


Dear Celestial,
Or Earth, should I say?
Let’s not drown in formalities and new names;
Your old bud, Mars, misses you today.

I write to you, after so long I do
For I am aware of your plans and dreams;
I bow down to your ambition and discoveries.
Earth, This is for you; I am proud too.

Yet I am intimidated by your power,
Your ambitions seem to fly right out of the system;
Success knocks at your door, greeting you like an old friend.
Celestial, I wanted to be you, but now, maybe no more. 

I am flattered and excited to know what you can do for me;
Yet I don’t understand why won’t you treat yourself with dignity?
And then you want to stay here with me
Celestial, Will you respect this land without a single tree?

War resides within me; moreover, you say it’s me;
My colors seem to narrate this mythical tale,
The red planet with two moons as wives,
Celestial, you are a friend, but these stories baffle me.

You want to build a home, four walls, and a door,
You will bring along your human friends.
I wonder, wasn’t one planet enough to throttle
Celestial, why haven’t you called on before your stay?

We are eight planets, yet only you have all the life;
With thin air and no water, I wonder why you try me,
My wives say you named a God after me,
Celestial, you say I am war, is that what you need?

Yet 7 Billion of those whose stay you host,
They dream home here; paid millions but couldn’t find one before,
My wives say you named my volcano too,
Celestial, This is flattering, but what if I don’t suffice your surmise anymore?

And you stand third in the row, with shades of blue, green, and white,
Earth, Mars isn’t your second celestial home; maybe I shall say;
But with your hopeful smile, ambitious lines, and plans all well laid?
Celestial, will you promise not to destroy my soul or make me your new grave?

Your Red-Headed Friend


Written by Snehal Srivastava for MTTN

Featured Image by Nayana Dhanya for MTTN

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