Desolation — Day Seven of NaPoWriMo 2021

Standing atop this debris pile;

This sight, splits my soul through twice

Visions of ember tales caught on fire,

visions of Gideon molded-in lies.

In dubiety, I stand;

Both these crossroads seem to unite

Tears are delicacy a man can’t afford, they said;

So I chuckle with charring blurred eyes,

laying still in front of me are flared faces I once used to recognize.

They don’t call back anymore to the mouth that now weeps in their demise;

Roaring fires and metal tanks negate my denial,

Will these merlot skies turn lilac again?

Will we ever revive our forgotten spiels?

January cold desolates in April’s bloody breeze

I tremble when your face flashes before my eyes,

seduced by the pain its sight left

A rain parade from hell, the trumpets played my wallow cry

just yesterday, these hands felt like a sturdy knot,

following whichever direction you sway,

tenuous as a twig in the wind now;

As I lower you in your grave,

burning buildings and incinerated parts,

witness the rupture of these shattered hearts.

How mercurial is life, how quickly it fades,

Orpheus’s strings weep in agony.

descry of the demolition that cascades,

All that’s left of the world now

lost souls and wasted ghosts;

A confined wilderness of the abyss inside,

my heart matches yours beat,

in the land where spirits hold hands.

Are your memories indelible? Are these revisits beguile?

My reveries are the only place where I see your television smile.

And so I raise my chalice one last time in the face of this soaring fire,

sitting down at the roadside;

At your feet where my shrine actuates,

I give myself to these flames;

Let the dewclaw of death engulf this hollow pain,

hoping I would wake alongside you one day.

At the hands of Goddess Artemis bay,

hoping my eyes would bear witness of your face one day

Erasing the desolation, as it fades


—Written by Adil Khan for MTTN

—Edited by Alankriti Singh for MTTN

—Featured Artwork by Pavan Kumar Macha for MTTN

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