Dissent—Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo 2021

Shout it out,

I know you see it too.

Shout it out,

For this is not a country for you.


It’s tough to point out

When it all began.

Before I knew it,

I heard a scream.


People dragged out of their houses,

Protests interrupted on the stance of “violence.”

Don’t pretend like you can’t see it;

Don’t you see it all burning to the ground?


A voice called out,

“What’s going on?”

Another replied,

“We’re just trying to maintain peace.”


Can violence be equated

To what you call peace?

How can I take your side

When the evidence is right in front of me?


When we yell out in support,

Another scream lashes out from behind.

“Don’t you see it’s all for the best?

You’re behaving like a spoilt child.”


One person arrested, 

Another dead.

Several displaced due to a pandemic,

Shrugged off without a care.


Through the bars of the jailhouse,

They yell out.

“We did nothing wrong,

Is religion our biggest fault?”


So won’t you shout it out?

I know you see it too.

Shout it out,

Otherwise, we’ll be trapped too.


Written by Kaavya Azad for MTTN

Edited by Naintara Singh for MTTN

Featured Image by Vanshika Chanani for MTTN

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