Dream and Reality—An Ode to a Past Life

What if you are given a chance to watch your dream and reality simultaneously; how long will it be before you run to something that is turning uncertain? As we transitioned from school to college, from freedom to living safe, lockdown, a lot was missed, and a lot was dreamt.


The only difference between you and me is I have lived your dream, as we both are stuck in an unfortunate reality. I will tell you my dreams, and you crave truth until all that’s left is regret over missed opportunities. 


With the first step, the world around stops to gaze,

Languid eyelids staring at computer displays,

The first day, for new opportunities and experiences alike

Living in a perennial penitentiary as youth slips by,

I hold on to the moment wishing it never to end;

Vivid glee faces now burning in oblivescence 

The delightful chaos that brew seemed to bring out the right essence,

Treachery of longingness and missed escapades blends,

The chatter died down, and new possibilities opened,

Haunted scent of occasions you woefully underspent,

From running down to the cafe to bunking class,

you wonder about the fate of the barren canvas in your drawers,

To wistfully daydreaming of my crush until she catches my gaze,

Crowds you couldn’t charm as you miss memories you never made,

Walking barefoot on the beach with my friends as the sun sets;

Tapestry of broken hopes, ill fate and cursed epithets,

Sleeping through those precious class hours on the backbench,

Lessons through a screen alongside faces you barely met,

To begging the topper to help us through the test,

Prancing across your mind the laughters you could’ve shared,

A family so far from home, bounded by the complex notch college life,

Mind in monotony aches for hearts of wildered rife

I breathe in all these years so that they last an eternity,

So surreal that it is all my fingers have ever felt.

An arbitrary space of troubledness branching into futility,

For you play a hand with the cards you’ve been dealt.

Holding on to the very last piece of implausibility,

reverence in the shades of blue,

Until all that’s left is my unfortunate fidelity,

                            Trickery of time disassembled for the ascent of something new.



Written by Adil Khan and Snehal Srivastava for MTTN

Featured Image by Shraddha S Jathan for MTTN

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