Earth: The Envy of The Cosmos

The Big Bang Theory is all we’ve known,
The gases and rocks that formed my body
As I grew and grew,
I was sure others were just shoddy.
As the lush green plants complimented me,
The soothing water helped me grow.
But what has become of me now?
I seem to have lost my glow.

I remember the days when I would be asked
“Aren’t you concerned at all?”
I used to laugh at them,
“Oh, that’s totally banal!”
Millions of years later,
As I cry to them,
“Please take them away,”
Brings a silence over the usual humdrum.

How could I have been so blind?
You aspired for better things,
So why am I hurting so much,
When you pretend to live like kings?
I gave you a home, food, and water,
And you called me “Mother” Earth.
You boast about having “Earth Day”
When you’re turning me into dirt.

When should I have realised
That it had gotten out of hand?
Was it when Eve ate the apple?
To think they were selfless, I must’ve been mad.
If only they understood:
Every corner of me is on fire,
Every organ of mine is dying;
This situation is rather dire.


Written by Kaavya Azad for MTTN

Featured Image by Shambhavi Sanjay for MTTN

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