End- Day Twenty-Two of NaPoWriMo

I know her,
I watched her grow
While she brought light in doom
The rest of the world felt betrayed.
I listened to the rhythm of her words
I tasted the bitterness in her voice
Standing there all alone,
I witnessed her fall;
An innocent child full of hope.
A teen looking for answers,
A girl who wanted to feel,
A broken heart learning to survive,
And a woman trying to find herself.
Now I see her, and I know
It is in my hands
To free her soul.
As she nears the end,
her faith wasted, her valour lost;
She embraces her self
and her multicoloured scars,
waiting for the path to close.
I’ve seen every type of humans,
Devils and saints
But she? She was a beautiful chaos,
That I gladly welcomed in heaven.

— Written by Alankriti Singh for MTTN

—Featured Image by Haripriya Bhamidipati

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