Euphoria—Day Thirteen of NaPoWriMo 2021

Love ballads and soulful melodies played out in my mind,
As his strikingly beauteous brown eyes crossed mine.
There in the middle of the bustling and chaotic street,
I had felt this inexplicable burst of happy retreat.

And when he twirled me on the dance floor, so effortlessly,
My heart skipped two beats, and I almost fainted gracelessly.
Then he knelt down before me and popped the question!
I wept in sheer joy as our kiss sealed his undying proclamation. 

I pushed the bedroom window open on our first day;
Letting the fragrant spring air blow my long hair away.
I danced down the stairs to make him a delicious dinner,
As today he would come back without her lipstick shimmer.

He hugged me from behind & caressed my plump right cheek
I melted into his embrace, but I could smell her scent, ever so chic;
So, I decided to close my eyes to relive our first ever kiss
As I turned to savour my bubble of newly wedded bliss.

The other day, I saw him text her sweet nothings; It was tough.
So, I played the melody he wrote for me on the day we fell in love;
And performed a clumsy ballet piece to the enchanting encore,
Whilst I hugged her out of my mind, standing in the chilling rain pour.

Often I ponder, when I smell her in our house on a Wednesday,
Is she the one who was with him on the sidewalk the other day;
The pretty lady he hugged so closely on the dance floor after me?
But I let go; instead, I let his euphoric kiss make my mind disagree.

Written by Sriya Mistry for MTTN
Edited by Anushka Shrivastava for MTTN
Featured image by Anushka Agarwal for MTTN

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