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If you’ve always had an irresistible urge to update your Facebook status every now and then, Facebook check-in into every restaurant you go, and just cannot digest the food without posting pictures of what you’re eating, then congratulations! You are suffering from the Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Now, if you have just joined KMC, congratulations once again. You have a whole new reason to flood peoples’ newsfeeds with your stories. Getting into a med school in India is a backbreaking task. Accomplishing that in one of the best colleges in the country is unquestionably a matter of pride. So, when it’s a matter of pride, you definitely want to let the world know about it, don’t you?

So, here is a compilation of the types of Facebook posts one would find in almost every KMC student’s timeline.

1. The Initial Over-enthusiastic Posts

It all starts with sharing the life event “Started school at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal”. Friends and relatives overwhelm you with the usual “Hey! You owe us a party for this!”, and “congrats doctor!”, and “we are so proud of you beta.”

On reaching Manipal, the level of excitement is at its peak, and the posts are soon about everything, right from “First day at Manipal” to even “Just took my first gulp of water after coming to Manipal”, sometimes.

Of course, not to forget the customary picture before the big board announcing, “Welcome to MedOrient 20XX” – the fanaticism is strong with this one.


2. Capturing the let’s-play-doctor moments

Apparently, the conventional white-coat-selfie with the huge MU logo at the KMC greens fountain as the backdrop is an essential for initiation in KMC.

The next big picture is one holding the skull in your hands. Here’s where at least one of your non-medico friends is sure to comment “Lol… tu doctor hai ya tantrik?

Then come spilling the first-stethoscope-selfie, the first-community-medicine-posting picture, the first surgery-postings-unit selfie, and the gazillion other firsts in your timeline for med school.

young female healthcare professional photographed against white background.

3. The Innumerable Random Pictures

It is an undeniable fact that the picturesque landscapes of Manipal truly awaken the photographer in one. For most people accustomed to a city-life, every aspect of this wonderful little town seems amazing. As a result, you go on to capture everything from the moss-covered walls, the pesky crows at Shenoys, a chameleon you saw on your way, and the fat little felines in your hostel, to sunrise at the Manipal Lake, sunset at Malpe beach and the beauty of End Point, the KMC greens, to the oh-so-famous Manipal rains, the tiger circle fountain, akka shop, and the food court and oh… the list is endless.DSC_9208-Edit


4. The Endless Whining (read: Hashtags)

You whine about the absolutely great mess food. #missinghomefood (ahem… my heartfelt condolences to those who bear the pain of eating at the food court mess every day).

You whine about the extremely eccentric dress code set by your seniors. #weirddresscode #freshers2k15

You whine about missing your home during the festival season. #adayfordiwali  


5. Just Med School Things

Just read someone mention MBBS or doctors? Share it. You just cannot refrain from sharing anything and everything which illustrate the Herculean task of getting an MBBS degree; be it the med school memes, which come as the much needed comic relief, or…maybe this article itself?

Article by – Sindhuri Sriraman


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