Fearless — Day Twenty-Three of NaPoWriMo 2022

An ode to those who chased their truth.
Them rolling stones who paved their route.
Some overdosed, some paid their dues.
Fell totem poles and shaped new rules.
left home – alone, no place to move
to open roads – it made some poor.
Some had no homes to take refuge.
Echoes of hope, some came to fruit.

A trail of tears, a great unrest.
Some took to prayer, some made amends.
Some great success, some great upsets
but no regrets when faced with death.
No days of rest, their angels wept,
none dulled their edge for safer bets.
A race of them – once faceless men.
Some failed the test, none failed themselves.


Written by Shivraj Herur for MTTN

Featured Image Crossroads  By Cliff Knecht


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