Focus – Day Twenty One of NaPoWriMo

Blurry skies and blurry lights,
The fine line between the sea and the sun seems to dissolve into nothingness
I stare into the void, hoping for some eyes to stare back
But it is darker and emptier than ever
I stumble and stagger forward
The world spinning like a giant merry go round
Or is it me?
I try to recall, how did I get here
And what was I trying to forget
Whatever it was, I appear to have been successful
I start my journey back home
But my feet seem to not listen to me anymore
I slowly feel the air leaving my lungs
And I collapse, feeling the soft grass
I can see the moon now
Or it could be a street light,
The true nature of reality eluding my mind
I blink again, trying to make sense of the warzone
But all light seems to be fading away
and the curtains of darkness close in on my mind.

– Written by Aparna Bharadwaj

– Artwork by Swarupa

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