Gold – Day Four of NaPoWriMo 2021


“This vista couldn’t have been more golden
The sky— a flavour of honey and peach
The shimmering waves, the soft sand
The unreal horizon, a lie I would believe.”
A sunken smile as I hear you take a deep breath,
Saltwater from my eyes become one with the sea,
I can feel your unwavering gaze,
Your hands are almost touching my feet.

“This used to be our favourite place;
I wish I hadn’t been so mindless in my ways,
But time and tide have their roles to play.”
My bloodshot eyes focus on the ring,
You had gifted me that grave night.
It was the full moon; I wore a satin dress,
The calm before the storm gathered its might.

You read my thoughts and let out a sigh,
“You have punished yourself enough, I think.”
You point at my fidgeting fingers,
“It’s been drowning you, the weight of the ring.”
I look at you trying to memorise the moment,
You still have the same sparkle in your eyes.
I notice the Sun has set a while ago
And eventually, I realise…
Maybe I have indulged in the horizon far too long.

Yet I wait and bathe in the familiar afterglow
Before taking the ring off; I can feel your spirit,
Ready to evaporate along with
The last bit of the sea in the wet sand.
I hear your trembling voice one last time,
“Unclench your fist, let it sink,
Let go of my silhouette, and the gold ring.”


Written by Ankita Ghosh for MTTN

Edited By Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN

Featured Image by Adil Khan for MTTN

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