Gravity—Day Twelve of NaPoWriMo 2021

i. When the apple fell from the tree onto Newton’s head
he wondered
what made the apple fall

ii. Did the apple fall onto him
the same way satan offered eve the apple
to tempt, to corrupt
or did it fall onto him
the way eve offered it to adam
a symbol of trust, a leap of faith

iii. NASA says: gravity is an invisible force that pulls objects towards each other
NASA also says: gravity is what keeps you on the ground and makes things fall

iv. In the end, I think the answer is simple
the gravity of the earth pulls and the apple responds
the same way the gravity of freedom pulls
and I fall like a body from a roof
hard, fast and quick


Written by Tanya Jain for MTTN
Edited by Radhika Taneja for MTTN
Featured image by Radha Kallahalla for MTTN

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