Hollow – Day Fifteen of NaPoWriMo

If my face was a river

Would you jump in with abandon?

Or would you test the waters to see how cold it is?

If my fingers were high definition cameras

Would you handcuff me?

Or would you let me touch you, capture your essense?

If my legs were rods of porcelain

Would you sweep me off my feet?

Or would you kick me in the shins

And watch me shatter?

If my chest was an empty void

Would you throw false promises into it?

Or curl up inside where I can keep you safe and warm?

My body is ever evolving

My mind is under destruction

Hold my soul as it leaks from my throat

Crush my heart as it cycles spirits through me

Possess my emotions as they begin to form

Because if my eyes were made of mirrors

The only thing you’d see

If you ever thought to look at me

Is absolutely nothing

Because to me 

You’re a hollow glass shell

Transparent and empty.


Written by Manu J Naik

Artwork by Shreya

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