If Sorrow Was a Person – Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo 2022

I met her for the first time
When I was just a child
She had the longest hair and the saddest eyes

Stayed by my side
Giving me endless solace
When my puppy died.

During school, I eschewed her
You know, what would my friends think
If they saw us eat lunch together
Each time she walked towards me
I didn’t look her in the eye
And I smiled, and giggled and roared with laughter
Shadowing me, she stayed
Like a wersh wallflower.

Wait, I forgot to mention her name
It’s sorrow
It’s she , who I blame
For plaguing my head with qualm
Last night , today , tomorrow
Why can’t she leave me alone
I just need some calm.

She has the warmest hands
Her voice, not that loud
She does vex me, I won’t lie
Cradles my loneliness in a crowd
That, I cannot deny

I’ll learn
I shall learn to love her
Like I’ve learnt to live with her
Maybe she’s the staunch friend
I yearn



Written by Kavya Cocasse for MTTN

Featured Image by Shivika Saraogi for MTTN

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