Inspiration – Day Twenty Three of NaPoWriMo


‘Inspiration’, better known to mankind
As the fuel for motivation and
The muse behind all arts: simultaneously
Present everywhere but nowhere to find.

The never ending rut in front
Of an exhaustingly empty medium
The frustration to be forced to create
Something- anything- out of imagination’s brunt

An empty canvas, a blank page,
A lump of clay, a slab of marble
An painter, a writer, a sculptor
From the creator to the sage.

In the rain, the turrets of a church
A flower, heartbreak, crackling of wood
An ex lover’s perfume
We search, we search and we search.

That’s the funniest of them all;
Historians believe Inspiration came from
‘Divine guidance’, from the angels and of the Gods-
But sometimes all it does, is hit you like a wall.

– Written by Shalom Antony

– Artwork by Swarupa

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