Landing on Jupiter


Floating on a cloud of hydrogen and helium; so featherlight,
I’d gaze at the twilight sky turn into night.
Europa, Ganymede, Io, Titan, Sinope…
79 moons of Jupiter adorning the mystifying backdrop. 

778.5 million kilometres away from the Sun
I would lay curled up in a coat made of fur;
Whilst fantasizing about sliding on her rings,
As dreamy notes poured from my ukulele strings.

A true warrior, Jupiter stayed true to her name,
When in 1994, she took the brunt of the asteroid mane
Though hefty and enormous by outward show;
She felt as soft and smooth as melting snow.

Oh, Jupiter! We have but this thing in common,
The match between my struggle & the red storm seems solemn!
As amongst the myriad other marvellous observations,
I am struck by a sudden and horrific realization.

I’ve been floating through the skies right into the crushing core;
Oxygen had depleted; my breathing turned shallow & hardcore!
Ah! But if I had been Princess Cinderella;
Because the ticking clock never struck 12 up here!


Written by Sriya Mistry for MTTN

Featured image by Vanshika Chanani for MTTN

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