Laws of the Universe

Law of Vibration:

You are phenomenal.

Your thoughts never rest,

For they are on the quest of innovation.

You are a manifestation of energy 

Born at the heart of the cosmos.


Law of Correspondence:

The people around you,

Your thoughts,

Have paved their way to your heart

Because the Universe manifests so.

This is who you are 

At your very core.


Law of Compensation:

Sow the seeds;

Nurture them with your sweat and deeds;

The Universe will reward you,

For the Universe doesn’t wish you to rue.


Law of Inspired Action:

If you are not forcing yourself to do it,

You are inspired.

If it doesn’t entail stress,

You are inspired.

The nudges in your mind fire your unconscious efforts,

And you will move heaven and earth.


Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

You were created to never be destroyed.

Within you lies the power

To nullify the bad, to glorify that good,

And to set ablaze endless pits of darkness. 


Law of Gender:

There is no feminine,

There is no masculine, 

For the Universe has moulded us all

To love,

To persist,

And to assert.

The Universe has moulded us

To look beyond hazy borders.

Law of Divine Oneness:

Whenever you feel aloof,

Remember, it’s all for one and one for all.

So let yourself be;

And the law of divine oneness will guide you to eternity.


Law of Rhythm:

What goes left, has to go right,

And what goes up, has to come down outright.

Go with the flow, and do not resist it,

For the law of rhythm knows exactly where you are headed.


Law of Attraction:

If you wish for something day and night,

The universe will bring it, just hold on tight.

But that doesn’t mean you sit around and wait for it,

Pave the way, and the universe won’t postpone it.


Law of Karma:

They say what goes around, comes back around,

Be it the good, the bad, or the in-between.

Hence, as long as you persist on doing kind deeds,

The law of karma will help you succeed.


Law of Relativity:

Ultimately, there is no good or bad.

It’s all a matter of perspective and perception.

The reality is right here, right now — a chaotic myriad;

But it only exists because of your imagination.


Law of Polarity:

Where there is wrong, there is right,

Where there is darkness, there is light.

Opposites always co-exist around us,

Making the universe — a continuum of paradoxes.


Written by Ridha Sajid and Lekhya Reddy for MTTN

Edited by Radhika Taneja for MTTN

Featured Image by Aarathi for MTTN

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