Let’s Move the Earth!

“How’s the night?” Clear.
Galileo watched the fourth moon of Jupiter disappear.
“Aha! these old calculations failed again”, he said with a cheer.

Motion of stars and moons were jumbling me,
“We are not confined to the centre Andrea, we are free!”
Oh, so this apple is the earth, and you are the sun? I asked with glee.

Statutes, beliefs and laws of the past will bleat,
The Master Claimed, “Our minds have been as narrow as the streets!”
His friends warned him, “Galileo don’t think on your feet.”

On a clear summer night of 1610,
My adolescent eyes saw mountains on the moon, So Moon is also another Earth then?
But the church says this universe revolves around Men!

“The Moon is to us what we are to the moon”.
“Andrea, I am going to abolish heaven very soon!”
Master, they’ll call you a loon!

“Call the Inquisitor, it’s time for some change.”
the old logics fail to arrange—
the celestial charts of moons and stars. They lack the range.”

The Inquisitor shook with rage,
“Mr Galilei, Are you questioning my faith?”
“Faith is nothing but a gilded cage!”

The church kept Galileo distant.
If stars say we aren’t at the centre, then they are not important.
Galileo was equally resistant.

The politics tensed,
Galileo was glued to his lens.
“Andrea observe the social trends.”

Galileo attempted to see through rose-tinted glasses,
he proclaimed, ” I will write in vernacular and educate the masses,
my words will go beyond the high classes”

Galileo’s acclaim made the Cardinal envious,
The king cried, “he has turned the peasants vicious,
take him to court before they get more curious.”

Summer of 1633, 23 moons since the trial,
Galileo recants before the holy inquisition, all hearts are still in denial.
Truth was beheaded, our resilience was in trial.

Nine years of imprisonment from the church.
The apprentice became a professor, the master left everyone in the lurch.
Galileo whispered, “Andrea, I have been doing some research.”

The secret manuscript was a testament for the truth
“Andrea, take it across the border and share it with the youth.”
These superstitions have been long in the tooth!

I Hoped to cross different lines on the map, taking the truth far and near.
The day was setting as venus appeared,
unveiling the telescope, Master asked, “How’s the night?”

Written by Lavya Joshi for MTTN
Featured image by Rovin Negi for MTTN

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