Life On Uranus

I just woke up, 

drowning in a puddle of sweat. 

Thinking of what I saw last night, 

was it an invitation or a threat? 


Confused and distressed,

I put my head into my hands.

A sigh escapes me as I wonder,

if the possession of this knowledge,

is with just me?

Am I the only man?


I’ll tell you about last night.

Exactly what I saw,

and how things happened,

and how nothing followed natures law.


It was right after,

the post-dinner sweets raid.

I popped a brownie into my mouth,

and headed up to the roof,

to see the constellations the universe made.


I propped up,

my telescope, big and bulky.

Looking for Orion, Mars or the Big Bear.

Anything to fuel the poet in me.


I scrounge the vast canvas,

until I see a blue-green turquoise glow.

Almost like a blot on the canvas,

which stood out like Bob Ross’s afro.


I focus into the light,

and see a sight worth more,

than diamonds, titanium,

and weighted gold.


A planet of smooth lands,

with neon cyberpunk billboards.

It’s brimming with activity,

filled with silver-skinned humanoids,

in black trenchcoats.


After repeatedly checking,

it dawns on my last two brain cells.

The thing that I was looking at,

was Uranus and nothing less.


I put my eye,

back to the lens.

And lo and behold,

the humanoids on Uranus,

are partying with their friends.


They flew around,

in their saucy, flying saucers,

intoxicated on the atmospheric methane,

emptying their coffers.


I’m sure that those humanoids,

have no fuel to lack.

Since Uranus is certainly,

Filled with gas.


I spent the whole night,

up there looking at them.

I do not know when I passed out,

but I even dreamt of them.


And here I am,

still processing last night.

Hoping what I saw was true,

with all my might.


This is big. 

I have probably surpassed Galileo,

Da Vinci, 

or any other space nerd.


The thought of fame,

sticks out in my head like a circus.

NASA and ESA will definitely hire me. 

After all, they did want to send a probe,

to Uranus.


But first I need to show them,

Their shiny flying cars.

And then they’ll know;

The aliens have always lived in Uranus,

never on mars.


Written by Aditya Kapur for MTTN
Featured Artwork by Navya Anil for MTTN


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