Metamorphose: First Runner-Up Piece by Soumy Kumar Patel


All the giggling I hear,
The song that is in my halls,
I hear it even through my tears,

I hear how that sound called-
My name, this serendipity I feared,

Of the want written in thousand words,
Vivid shapes I see in the day,
Through them I remember our worlds,
Vividly remembering all that you would say,
Holding onto the phrases I have pearled,

But I know I will demolish everything,
Your world and my own in ashes,

Even in those I see something-
Something familiar in all these gashes,

Clenching and grasping at nothing,

And when in those ruins I stand,
Even the air has fallen to the ground,
Here this loud silence just expands,

And I can hear not even my own sounds,
Holding my hands to my ears I withstand,

I remember of the serendipity,
Attempting to clasp onto the last pieces,
I laugh and weep at my own inability,
To grapple onto even my own peace,
And I fall into my very own eternity,

And in this dark place now I lay,
Not even the silence can be heard,
At solace with my role in the play,
A chaotic end that I may have spurred,
And I hear none anymore of what you say.


Written by Soumy Kumar Patel for Metamorphose


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