Moon – Day Twenty Eight of NaPoWriMo

Blank canvas, a clean slate
I wake up and these are words
I constantly repeat to myself.
Today, I’ll chose to be different.

I’ve carefully handpicked the
mask that helps me hide
parts of me, that aren’t good enough
the parts that are too dark.

Once my day is over,
I look over at the night sky,
if the tides are the only thing
that the moon is capable of controlling.

The chronicling moon
seems to whisper
that if today, you’ve shown half
of who you are, that if today you’ve
concealed a part of you, its okay.
“I do it sometimes, too”

Let it serve as a reminder,
that it takes time and light
to shine bright enough. To
feel so whole, that you move
the world with you.

Written by Asma Abidin for MTTN
Artwork by Aarathi Mohandas for MTTN

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