Footprints—Day Two of NaPoWriMo 2021

I told the stars,
About us,
And in the constellations,
That we created,
I’ll look for you.

I’ll look for you in the reflection,
On the ocean blue.

I stand in the rain,
Hoping to be drenched in something,
Which is not memories of you.

But only I know,
How much you loved the rain.
And only you know,
That I stand here embracing my pain,
In solitude. 

Time saw me,
Create history with you.
It saw me envision our own universe,
And live eternities in little moments,
Which are now gone too soon.

The waves crashed,
Slowly onto the beach.
Gently flowing over our memories,
Which exist in the seashells.

We walked the beaches,
Of this happy place.
Leaving behind footprints,
Which come to my memory,
Along with an ambivalent face.

Time resides in the ocean.
And it comes and goes in waves.
It takes with it everything,
including our footprints in the sand.

A memory of what once was,
Now just stands to remind me,
That everyone is the same.
Everything is the same

Permanently temporary.


Written by Aditya Kapur for MTTN
Edited by Tanya Jain for MTTN
Featured Artwork by Ritwika Sarkar for MTTN


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