National Poetry Writing Month, Day 10:Love engulfed in Mathematics

In midst of this rushing world of statistic,
Came up a love story enveloped in mathematics.

Feelings of love from childhood,

Ended up in a long multiplication.

Relationship now we call it,

With priorities on equal division.

Fights never interrupted in this joyful ride of satisfaction,

Even if we were distanced, happiness reached us in small fractions.

Bonding inseparable, trust it’s main component,

If our love be the base, infinity surely it’s exponent.

Negativity of mine surely requires some differentiation,

Making you feel special every time demands an integration.

My happiness is a complete compilation of your beautiful thoughts,

So please make me a prime in this huge world of odds.

I confessed, my nervousness finally subtracted,

Saying a yes, “I Love You Too” she added.

Feelings were inclined at an equal angle,

Demanding a lovely decorum.

Just like the two sides of the triangle,

Squared and added to complete the “Pythagoras Theorem.”

Chain down my feelings into zero to make me stumble?

I wish the devil knew my love story started from a natural number.

Reverse feelings to remove me from this precious throne?

Go have an eye check up because my relationship is a palindrome.

Written by Ravish Kumar

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