National Poetry Writing Month, Day 26: The Grammar Snob

Don’t punctuate any part of me
with kisses, if you don’t intend to
complete the sentence.
Because there are stories
in my body and you might
never finish correcting everyone’s grammar;
whoever left them in my skin.
There are metaphors and similes
in my eyes that you’ll take time
to understand,
because hell,
people confuse them sometimes.
And don’t even get me started
on the ironies that run along the
veins in my arms and legs.
There are riddles and tongue twisters
in my hair locks,
don’t wrap your head and tongue
too much around them,
or you’ll mess them up.
The alliteration along my collarbones
will seem very fascinating at first,
but the more you look at it,
more it’ll start blending with everything else.
The oxymorons on my lips will blow your mind,
and you’ll find a new one every time
but eventually you will ask why is there
emotion at both ends of the spectrum.

Written by Ambalika Chaudhry

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