National Poetry Writing Month, Day 28: I am the sea

Look beyond the clouds hung by,
The pristine deep blue sky,
Beyond the land shall always be,
The ravishing waters of the sea.

I am the ripple, I am the wave,
Crushing the rocks facing the cave,
For ages they tried to surf across,
My dynamic waters, the men so brave.

Beneath the waves, I hold upon,
Miraculous secrets of times gone,
Valuable treasures, forgotten lands,
Escaping discovery by your hands.

Mackerels, Sardines, Salmons Oh! My,
Swimming along the ripples beside,
The steadfast waves, my sure pride,
Stretching along, far and wide.
Comes some days and fill his jar,
The mighty cloud showers afar,
The folk, the farms, the barren lands,
Drenching surely with my water cans.

Tiny boats decked up along,
The neat quays lined beyond,
The shoreline bordering my vast feet,
Where the land and I humbly meet.

On summer morns, the kids do play,
With sand at beach, a lovely day,
Relaxing of course, all good, all gay,
Cherishing the memories of times gone away.

Under my calm, aquamarine self,
Of glittering waters, a serene gulf,
Lie stones and leaves, vivid and rare,
Colorful corals deserving your stare.

My base being studded with pieces so fine,
The conches, the shells, the oysters divine,
Little shrimps swaying along,
Meditating waters, singing a song.

When night shall fall upon,
These gracious sands,
The gulls shall fly across,
These retiring, serene lands.

All shall fall at peace once more,
With land and sea at the shore,
And you will find the waters so deep,
Splashing alive as my waves shall soar.

Writtien by Aishwarya Sharma

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