National Poetry Writing Month, Day 29: Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety

For all the years you’ve controlled my words,
Never have I ever questioned your ways.
You’ve made me go mad with your thoughts,
Killed me on hundreds of occasions,
But still left me barely alive.
I’ve been a meek puppet all this while,
To your obnoxious little visits,
That became a permanent home almost always.
You never let me rest in peace,
Blew away everything I had going for me,
Just because your illusion left me hanging.
Cornered away in a dusty old room,
A smile is held captive,
Guarded by anger with past as it’s weapon.
Made me fall down the steps of life,
Cutoff from the joy of a better life.
Only because you chained me to failures,
Events that I tried so hard to forget but never could.
You robbed me of every ounce of courage I had,
And turned it into your allies and my foes.
Fooled my mind to believe I am nothing but a speck of dust,
Meant to be stepped on and cleaned off.
Paved the way to depression for me,
Made me believe that death was the answer to all my cries,
That my mind was at the terminal stage of emotions,
But there’s a light at the end of every tunnel,
No matter how dark, how gloomy, how deadly it seems,
It’s never the end of the world.
My eyes have seen worse times,
My wobbly feet are only as tired as I want them to be.
When you’re down nobody else will pick you up,
People will only stomp you back down.
Some will shower sympathies but only out of pity,
Your face will crook up in a fake smile,
But in reality they’re nothing but empty words.
Advices won’t mean anything,
Till you realise they were never supposed to.
Not because you never paid heed to the hoarse silences between the words,
But because you paid too much attention to the clichéd moments.
You can’t stay knocked down for the rest of your life,
Even when nothing’s going your way,
And everything is just speeding ahead of you,
Too fast for you to catch up to,
Don’t panic, patience and karma attack at the most opportune moment.
Not always when we want,
But accuracy is always a hundred percent.
So it’s time for you to get back on your feet, dust off the dirt you’ve been breeding, lose the ability to let it be, forget all the negativity you’ve been  friends with, take off this pain of depression you’ve been wearing in your eyes for so long and breathe this sweet fragrance of life, one that you’d been missing since you fell down and decided to never get back up.
It’s time to fill your system with blood instead of tears,
And your mind with thoughts instead of the past.
Nobody will teach you this lesson of reality,
Because everyone else is battling moments in life like you.
Some decide to crawl their way to nothingness,
While others jump to the eternity and beyond.
The ball’s in your court now prey anxiety,
And its fueled with the fire of all that I lost,
And all that you killed inside me.
Written By- Ishan Gupta

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