Navarasa: Compassion

Hey buddy, don’t worry,
For these eighteen long years,
We’ve walked endless miles together:
Good times and messy pasts,
We’ve been through fire and ice.


Every bubble which brings you to tears,
I’m here to cry my soul out, with you,
I’m here to hold you; lift you higher
Shielding your fragile heart with mine,
I won’t be going far from you.


If again, the jealous drag you down,
Pull your hair and kick you in the chest
I shall hunt them down, to the ground,
Stay bedridden for days, just like old times,
I won’t be going far from you.


Our preferences may be different:
I choose math, you choose drums;
I choose stats, you choose to hum.
I will be there for you, cheering louder than ever,
Your best interests are at my heart
I won’t be going far from you.


First loves don’t always end happy,
But friendships last an eternity—
Just like you and me, hopefully!
So, buddy, don’t you worry,
I won’t be going far from you.


A warm shoulder to lean on,
A quiet place to rest your thoughts,
A home for you to love,
A friend you can rely on.
Because far from you lies an unseen world.


Written by Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN

Edited by Sanjana Bharadwaj for MTTN

Featured Image by Chirag Bansal for MTTN

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