Navarasa: Courage

A lady said her son

Fell on the sidewalk.

This gave everyone in the neighbourhood

Material to talk.


Mrs Sharma said

That she saw him fall,

Said nobody came to rescue him,

To help him at all.


Mrs Bedi replied that the weatherman

Didn’t inform us of the rain in advance.

Nobody had the time to gear up for the storm,

To prepare, nobody had a chance.


Mrs Koli blamed the mother,

Said it was bad parenting;

She should’ve warned the kid before,

Now there was no point lamenting.


Mr Gokhale said the government,

Didn’t fix the side of the road.

Through this accident,

Their incompetence showed.


All this while I wondered,

Why these people mindlessly banter,

But speak in hushed tones

About the things that matter?


Mrs Sharma’s son is depressed,

Mr Gokhale’s son is gay.

Mrs Koli had a miscarriage,

On such matters, people have nothing to say.


People express their views

On irrelevant news every day,

But when it makes them a little uncomfortable,

Their voice fades away.


It doesn’t take a strong person to whisper,

To open your mouth and speak your truth.

So dare to speak the unspeakable,

Even if it makes you look uncouth.


Written by Sanjana Bharadwaj for MTTN

Featured Image by Vidisha Deo for MTTN

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