Navrasa: Peace

For the union I know

Of Death and Desire,

A gentle is borne

To the majestic empire.


Thy name be Peace

To whom I call out,

In times of catastrophe

That lay about.


As the cannons of valiant and tireless soldiers

Tell the tales of devastation and flame,

A mother outcries over the shroud of her son

For justice in his name.


The venom that brews in hate

Squeals thy name forlornly,

For the radiant dew drops of the shadow of thine

Are the elixir that transform the fate of humanity.


Thou art: the hope of every kingdom

The pulse of every tradition,

The intent of every prayer

Each melody’s rendition.


The barren canvas of this land o’mine

Soaked crimson ascribed to bloodshed,

Awaits your arrival, O son of Death and Desire,

For history calls for you, in sight of red.


Written by Radhika Taneja for MTTN

Edited by Avaneesh Jai Damaraju

Artwork by Shraddha Jathan for MTTN

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