Papyrus winning entry# 2 – Poetry

Telugite. Texan. Philosopher. Philotherian. Human being (100%). Akhilesh Gonuguntla is a free spirited adventurer, a carefree ‘almost doctor’ with quite the knack for whistling (no, it does not attract evil spirits or so he thinks). Perhaps a descendant of Hypnos, he harbours an insatiable hunger for sleep, a professional procrastinator. As for poetry, he’s often found guilty making full use of poetic license (although abuse might be the better word).

Beyond The Skin

Teacher by day, sanctum by night,

Only goal, to shed some light,

Inspiring an aura of knowledge within,

The Cadaver lives beyond the skin.


At first glance, an iceberg tip,

Plethora of knowledge with a single dip,

To uncover secrets from the surface to the core,

The Cadaver taps into a sacred lore.


Tribute by a golden soul,

One who seeks an infallible role,

To nurture minds from another realm,

The Cadaver claims a respectable helm.


Taking the oath of reincarnation,

To glorify the human body, the flawless creation,

To exhibit the wonders of this majestic synergy,

The Cadaver channels a vivacious energy.


A silent spark of interest ignites,

Birth of a wildfire, lighting the darkest of nights,

A phoenix rising from ashes then,

The Cadaver breathes once again.

– by Akhilesh Gonuguntla



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