Paradise – Day Thirty of NaPoWriMo

There once was a girl

Who lived in a dream

A place filled with wonder,

Magic only she could see.

She’d spend her days there

Ignoring the world,

Reveling in fantasies

Only she could afford.

One fine day,

She decided to be brave

And step into reality,

She wouldn’t be swayed.

But what she saw

Brought tears to her eyes –

A place filled with sorrow,

And death, and demise.

She saw wars, and hatred,

and a jealous sort of pride

She saw arrogance, and deceit,

And hearts filled with lies.

She breathed smoke and dust,

And watched rivers run dry

She saw people being slaughtered,

With no chance at goodbye.

She turned away in horror,

Appalled at where she’d been

She missed her wonderland,

The land without sin.

And so she lay down,

Her heart filled with ice

With one last look at the world,

She slipped back into her Paradise.

Written by Nidhi Rao for MTTN

Featured Image by Shraddha Jathan

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