Platonic Soulmates- Day Twenty Six of NaPoWriMo 2021

A curious “which book are you reading?” 11 years ago
A shy “we’re friends, right?” 10 years ago
A familiar “why are you like this, good god” 9 years ago
An exasperated “no, we’re not dating, Jesus” 8 years ago
A new “do you want to sit with us?” 7 years ago
A teasing “ooooo, you like him!” 6 years ago
A painful “I’m so sorry for everything that happened” 5 years ago
A harsh “I don’t feel like we’re friends anymore” 4 years ago
A tearful “I’m going to miss you” 3 years ago
A confident “We’re going to be friends forever, basically” 2 years ago
An excited “I have so much to tell you, call me” 1 year ago
And now
An occasional video call at 2 AM
A text in passing
A meme sent casually
A belief in our strength
A certainty in our connection
An inevitable home waiting for me
No matter what.

Written by Saher Kalra for MTTN

Artwork by Subbulakshmi  for MTTN 

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