A lonesome soliloquy on a spirited Halloween

Spooky and scary, with ghosts abound,
In a scary landscape, where sounds rebound,
Where the brave fare not, for better sense prevails,
In a land lost to time, to which contemporary comparison fails.

A land in which the skeletons roam,
A land which the spirits call home,
A land which the holy spirits do fear,
A land which all the curses does bear.

In such a land, is set a tale,
Which the spooky brethren oft regale,
To the splendor of a time, and the chime of a masses,
Dedicated to the spirit of a time that never passes.

You find yourself lost in its wake,
With nothing much, but your life at stake,
And as the tide turns and as the colours fade,
Life becomes a game you wish you never played.

Is it a glimmer of hope, or the anticipation of a treat,
Makes your body lumber up, and makes your heart skip a beat?
Ah, this haunted world oft plays tricks, does it not?
Doesn’t mean though, you won’t give life another shot?

And through impossible terrains you make your way,
In swampy hinterlands you plan your stay,
And all you have to show for your feat,
Is a lonesome, scrumptious, halloween treat.

And in the spirit of halloween realise the adventure in the unknown,
For what’s a life lived, whose fate was already set in stone?
Write your destiny, one you’d be proud to call your own,
Trick the world, earn your treat, be a fighter to the bone.


Written by Aditij Dhamija for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Featured Image by Indranil Saha 

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