A Note on Self vs Society – Day Eighteen of NaPoWriMo 2022

As you stand alone with gleamy eyes,
and watch strangers passing by,
Does it ever cross your mind,
What makes them so kind?

They interact, hug, and shower blessings,
Using fancy words while addressing;
But is it all true to the heart?
Or just a show put up from the start?

After all, I wish to believe
that society is my friend,
And I’m not too naive
To follow every social trend.

A prevalent feature is the herd mentality
Suggesting ideas surpassing rationality.
That’s where people lose their own persona,
Clouding their judgment with society’s aura.

The problem lies where solitude has no peace,
We always have someone to please.
Whether it’s online or in-person,
Pretence in social scenarios is common.

Are these norms valid for everyone?
Setting standards in the long run;
Is that why we’re so afraid
Of our image that is portrayed?

When we talk about society
We imagine people around us
Helping us through the anxiety
And issues that need to be discussed.

I’m afraid that’s not how societies are
Being supportive through all the scars
Is it too dreamy a thought?
Or a hopeful idea with fleeting bars?

Earlier, spending time with oneself
Was more circumstantial than necessary
But now, as online consumes us
It becomes quite scary.

All we can do is hold on for good company
Where we can share and speak bluntly.
Those are the gems that deserve our time
Rather than opinions always so kind
That make us question the present—
If it’s real or a feel-good event,
That goes and comes by every day,
Leaving twisted marks in its own way.

The standards set today are beyond measure
It’s clear brainwashing rather than a treasure.
We should, thus, have ourselves as a guide
To be meticulous while taking every stride.


Written by Parva Mehrotra for MTTN

Featured Image by Pexels

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