Colours of Love: Black

They say life goes on

People mourn, people forget

But that’s not for everyone, is it?

For some, it is too much to bear

Like her parents

Who lost their only child

All this time, she was their everything

But now, she’s gone, leaving them with nothing


Like her dog

Who can never greet her again

All these evenings waiting for her

But now, she’s gone, leaving him at the door


Like her best friend

Who lost his only true friend

All these years of talking about the future

But now, she’s gone, leaving him alone to live it


They all wail their hearts out

Every sob an attempt at healing their hearts

All her life, their love for her was filled with colors

But now, she’s gone, the love a hazy black stain


It hurts to see them hurt

She wants to be with them everyday

All these days she could hug them tight 

But now, she’s forced to venture on, away from light


Her life flashes before her

And just like that, she’s in the void

All these years wondering what death would feel like

And now, she could see, it was but a magical woe


The void empowers her

Prepares her to fight for them

All these years of wanting a superpower

And now, she smiles as their guardian angel.


Written by Uditi Naagar for MTTN

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Joonas

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