Colours of Love: Lilac

Every evening, I look at the sky

Wait for the colours to change

To what reminds me of the years gone by,

You, me, and the lavender haze.


The sky is pink

The breeze cool

Even on a cold winter night

Or scorching mid-summer June.


I’d hate for this poem to turn

Into a silent tale of unrequited love

Because it wasn’t, I swear

Just lacking evidence to back it up.


So I reminisce, and you remember it all

Colour of my shoelace ten years ago

Where we first met at the vault;

But is it fair if I attribute it to me,

Or, your impeccable memory?


The rest of the world goes grayscale

While their silhouette scintillates.

You wish on a thousand fireflies

To paint this palette every single day.


Revisit the moments at least a million times

Every word you said, hoping you got it right

Replay the laugh and twinkle in their eyes

Heart on the sleeve, “hope I made them smile.”


The playful banter and their quick remarks

You lose all concept of time;

A little nudge while they look the other side

Only to have a skipped heartbeat

As they find their way back to your eyes.


Sleepless nights and dreamy days

Melancholy-tinged celebrations;

The uncertainty of them showing up

So you stare at your phone—

Until you see your own reflection.


Now it’s 11 PM and they call you up again;

The tireless clock takes a long pause

She’s been here before and so have you

Next time you glance, it’s already dawn.


You’re a secret language I can never

Speak, speak of, speak with, again

I’ll be exiled if I do, will vacate if I don’t

Two countries, but no home yet.


Mix some red, white, and blue

The passion, peace, and tragedy

That’s where you’ll find your lilac

Pulled in stronger than by gravity. 


Written by Isha Bhardwaj for MTTN 

Featured Image by PeijinsArt

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN

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