Colours of Love: Red

I arrive in her cheeks,

his hands in those hair,

that kajra hanging like it’s always belonged there

the arms hugging from behind, the lips on that neck.

There’s snow outside yet warmth in that home felt infinite

Dancing, yet again, to that flop song

With that twinkle unexplained, those smiles so untainted, so pretty, just like you know, you found in one person whatever the universe could contain.

I arrive in his cheeks when he was supposed to be “asleep”.

I am red, the colour of their cheeks, as the 6 year olds watch their parents quitely through the door’s crack, displaying an emotion they don’t understand yet but in that moment, that’s all they wished for.

A love so warm, so passionate, so unyielding even against time. A love so red that even if the world feels like it’s ending, it will still be bright.


Years flash, bodies grow

mind changes, wisdom arrives

and then it comes, bam! without warning

to some rain in summer, to some the first snow of winter

Ready or not, it’s never what you expected

There is no fixed age, but first love, is the mark for the teenage of the soul.

The world might have a thousand shades, but one look of them and everything turns, red.

Things once not understandable become obvious, lines between cringe and cute blur, carving of hearts on desk aren’t irritating anymore.

Their smile is your smile.

One touch electrifies, one smile petrifies.

Warmth of their skin becomes therapy and you gain dreams in ways unexplained.

Mind goes through a revolution and life opens a lengthy chapter of passion and fascination.

Irrespective of your experiences yet, your firsts with them, that touch, that kiss, that night which has something more than just the physical attraction makes you feel what firsts are actually supposed to feel like, why they are so hyped and what they are truly meant to be.


Time passes and the red of love dims.

But for those who are fated, they meet them

The person who makes everything, right.


You thank every fibre of existence, every thread of fate that led you to them.

Someone who makes you see the red, bright as never before.

Someone so constant, yet every morning waking up to that face is smile bringing.

Time changes, yes, but through every long night and every silly fight, they are someone you constantly continue to thank the universe for.

The love that leads you from against the world to you are my world.


The guy who still claps in fascination every time she puts on a new dress. The girl who still leave dirty little post-its after 2 kids.

The person who still holds your door, the one who still appears out of nowhere when you are all alone.

The one you admire, the answer to your most primal desires.

The person you trust, the one who restores your trust in trust.

The people who can actually feel that Ed’s Perfect, Taylor’s Love Story, All Of Me, Like My Father and such songs are incomplete are the luckiest of all.


Not everyone finds that someone, true, someone with whom passion and skipped beats don’t have a deadline. But I the colour red, do assure you with all my existence that love, the real deal, is worth everything. So do not give up on me yet because I refuse to give up on you.


The story has one last page,

You reach the age where senses naturally dim but that someone keeps them running

When even memories fade, but with them, reality stays.

Being the old couple who knows all of each other’s stories is a blessing

Sitting on the yard, sharing the shawl and tea is the dream ending.

With them alongside, you know you lived the way humans were meant to.

Slowly accepting death, you wish daily to the stars that you return to them, even if there’s no guarantee of coming true


As their eyes close one last time, you again thank fate, God and above all them with words said many a times but never meant more, I love you.


Written by: Nishant Choudhary for MTTN 

Featured Image by: PeijinsArt

Edited by: Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

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